Snake wearing his weathered jacket in San Francisco.

A brown, well worn leather jacket was Snake Plissken preferred outerwear for many years. The jacket was worn during Snake's famous heists and most his general criminal history.

It is currently in storage within the armory at Firebase 7.


San Francisco 1997Edit


Snake surrenders to the USPF.

Snake was wearing this jacket after making his getaway from robbing the Federal Reserve Bank in Colorado. After taking a underground bullet train to San Francisco, California he witnessed the USPF execute his accomplice, Bill Taylor, after refusing to drop his bag of stolen credits. After being surrounded Plissken quickly surrendered was promptly taken to New York Penitentiary.

Liberty Island Security ControlEdit

Snake was still wearing the jacket after being incarcerated and transported by bus to Liberty Island Security Control.

Snake chose to wear the jacket while piloting the Gullfire to the top of the World Trade Center.

World Trade CenterEdit

After landing the Gullfire on the World Trade Center, Snake chose to leave the jacket behind in the cockpit of the glider. Many hours later, after the President was brought to the glider by inmates Brain & Maggie, a Native American gang cut the grapple anchor and pushed the glider off the building. After Snake escaped the Duke's capture, he witnessed this event and left the wreckage of the Gullfire behind.

New JerseyEdit

Snake was somehow able to retrieve his jacket by unknown means between the time he destroyed the President's cassette and started making his way through New Jersey via Humvee.

Atlantic CityEdit

The jacket was worn during his infiltration of the Dead Presidents Casino.

Firebase 7 2013Edit


Snake is presented with stealth clothing.

By his second arrest in 2013 he was still wearing the jacket. Snake was last seen wearing it after his arrival Firebase 7 and blackmail into doing another retrieval mission on Los Angeles Island.

All of his own clothing was replaced by black stealth clothing provided by the USPF for the mission. Snake has taken a liking to the overcoat, which he is still wearing after shutting down electronic equipment on Earth with Sword of Damocles. His old jacket is presumably still inside the weapons locker in Firebase 7.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Legacy and merchandisingEdit


Funko released a jacket variant in 2014.

  • The jacket appeared with every Snake action figure released in 2014/15. (Sideshow, NECA and Funko.)


Neither the sequel or the comics explain when and how Snake was able to retrieve the jacket from Gullfire wreckage near the World Trade Center.


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